Silver ingots and granules are produced in the precious metal units of copper-melting factories. A Silver ingot has a shape of a truncated rectangular pyramid a weighs from 28 to 32 kg (900-1029 troy ounces). Ingots of other weights can be produced according to a customer’s needs. Granules are irregular geometrical shapes of different sizes. Intergrown granules are possible. The maximum size of single granule is not more than 20 mm at the largest transect.


Industrial use and as a store of value.


Packaging – Ingots: 32 ingots are packaged together and placed on wooden pallets. Packaging – Granules: packaged in double bags. The interior bag is plastic, the exterior is made of packaging cloth or of polypropylene. The weight of each bag is 25 kg. Bags are placed on wooden pallets in quantily of 40 bags (1000 kg). Transportation – by special auto transport.

  • BRAND:

    CPA – 1 99.99%, CPA – 1 99.98%, CPA – 1 99.90%

    CPA – 1

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